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The latest changes in the Regulation give bitcoin Startups in the Philippines: an opportunity to grow

Bitcoin startups are often hampered in their efforts due to fairly strict regulation. Although cryptocurrencies  have had an impact in the Philippines, regulatory guidelines remain an obstacle. In view of this, this has improved as recent changes seem to favor bitcoin companies. In the end it is predicted that it is a new favorable strategy,

Belfrics affirms its bitcoin operations in India

  Belfrics is a Malaysian-based Bitcoin service provider which expanded its operations to India to strengthen Bitcoin’s infrastructure and trade ecosystem in the country by providing a liquid market for the purchase and sale of bitcoins with India’s fiduciary currency, The rupee, where the controversial event of demonetization was the reason for the incursion of

South korea open to bitcoin

South Korea, with a population over 52 million, has a very large overseas post. The latest World Bank assessment reveals that foreign shipments introduce about $ 6.7 billion and ship over $ 8.3 billion for Korea. It should be noted that the Korbit, the first bitcoin bag in the country with more than 33,500 brokers,