Bitcoin Goes Big to MAB

The company Bitcoin Investors Trust (BIT), the holding company of the moment, is specialized in the investment of technological startups projects related to the criptomonedas and in particular bitcoin. The company receives private investments with which it invests, develops or financially supports different projects. The investment initially enters the company as a loan. Once or twice a year there is the possibility of migrating the loan to social capital in a capital increase that is formalized before a notary.
In 2016 the company generated an expansion in the area of ​​activities. In addition to Spain, it is also active in France and Greece and will soon start activities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and Dubai.

It is important to mention that bitcoin proposes a significant change in the world of finance as we know it today: intermediaries are eliminated, transactions are carried out quickly and at a very low cost, the system is very secure and distributed in A worldwide network and works with free open source software.

However, from a legal point of view, the main countries of the world are already approving it. The European Parliament in late May 2016 has issued a positive report to authorize the virtual currencies. The next step will already be a Community directive reflecting what is indicated in this binding report.

Bitcoin Investors Trust (BIT) plans to list in the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) with all the advantages this entails for the company and the fund’s participants. (BIT) will gain prestige, brand image and notoriety. This will give the transparency and liquidity that the quote provides in a market such as MAB. “With the quote of Bitcoin InvestorsTrust on the stock exchange, we will be able to provide an exhibition in Bitcoin to a wider investment community,” they explain. It should be noted that, the company successfully completed the second capital increase, on December 30, 2016 and formalized the notarized deed, on January 27, 2017.

To date, the possibility of investing for the next capital increase remains open, which will allow to enter the company with a significant discount with respect to the price of the exit to be quoted in the MAB. It is expected that during the year 2018 we can witness the exit to the stock exchange. Investing in bitcoin is a bet on the future.

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