Most Innovative and Reliable Breeze Wallet in Bitcoin Solutions

Chris Trew, founder and CEO of Stratis, spoke with Cointelegraph about the Breeze wallet project, a powerful and flexible Blockchain development platform, they claim, will redefine the privacy of transactions within the Bitcoin space and bring new privacy options . Explaining what makes it so innovative.

The security and integrity of the system are supported cryptographically, in a manner similar to Bitcoin today. The Breeze wallet will offer its users a level of privacy that does not offer any existing Bitcoin wallet. It provides an end-to-end privacy solution for Bitcoin and Stratis users, which works well with Bitcoin’s current protocol and does not require forks.

The innovative Breeze wallet solution combines TumbleBit and privacy enhancements introduced by the Full Block Safe Payment Validation System (SPV). Stratis aims to deliver a truly decentralized, zero-trust privacy protocol in Stratis’ Blockchain and its private networks while working with financial services authorities to ensure full compliance.

Notably, TumbleBit is compatible with the Bitcoin protocol, so it is the only viable option for this particular purpose. The Stratis team hopes that the development of TumbleBit will bring new benefits to build Bitcoin exchange protocols for Stratis to make Stratis available to millions of BTC users globally.

The Stratis process turns as follows: If User A can solve the riddles, he can claim a Bitcoin. The trick with TumbleBit is that User B buys the intermediary the answers to these riddles for the price of a Bitcoin. Then User A sends the responses to user B as payment, and user B uses them to claim a Bitcoin. Most importantly, the entire process is completed using multiple cryptographic layers. This ensures that the broker does not know which solution sold to User A, or User A does not know which solution to the riddle was sent to User B. Therefore, once users claim their Bitcoin, the broker can see that the riddles have Been solved. But because of the anonymity in numbers, the broker can not bind the participants to each other. Detail Trew.

When this wallet is released, it will become the first to solve privacy issues without the need for forks.


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