The Tealet Revolutionary Company with Bitcoin

China’s decision away from its communist history towards the open capitalism / communism trade was good for tea growers. There is a growing middle class that values ​​tea quality. Nowadays farmers are able to use their own tea, sell to consumers and connoisseur of car teas at affordable prices.

Tea is, after water, the most consumed beverage. The tea industry, also for historical reasons, has been overly centralized. A company wants to change that. Tealet, wants to revolutionize the tea industry with modern technology.

“There are several intermediaries, which were necessary for the international trade of tea before,” explains General Director Tealet Elyse Petersen, citing the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Western 50 years of consumption. “Things like Bitcoin ensure a more sustainable future in this industry.” Tealet uses Bitcoin to settle accounts with producers in eight countries.

With its headquarters in Las Vegas, Tealet struggling with payment options like PayPal before the discovery of the digital currency. The company had to change its producers in Bitcoin, and the farms of the family can continue receiving their national currency. The company also accepts Bitcoin of its goods for all leaf tea.
The most popular drink revolution in the world, shows how farmers produce quality tea by themselves, instead of producing a large sheet of only one kilogram – a practice, the chemical industry to produce more mass – instead of better quality .

“We started paying some Bitcoin accounts and we also received investments in Bitcoin,” said Mrs. Petersen.
It is imperative to note that, Tealet sells mainly to tea houses and restaurants, it does not offer ordinary tea, but rather whole-leaf tea in different varieties such as white, green and yellow. Your tea does not need tea bags and the leaves can be poured repeatedly.

“It’s a ritual process,” Petersen said. “It’s not like normal tea bags. It helps them social experiences with friends to create and can last for several hours.”
Tealet works with farmers in Malawi, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, USA. And Indonesia.

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