Blockchain Revolution launches business research effort

A group of global governments, blockchain technology firms and Blockchain Startups have announced the launch of a new initiative called Blockchain Research Institute.

The syndicated research group is committed to academic analysis of the blockchain impacts on a wide range of industries, including financial, retail, and manufacturing services, along with the impact of technology on a number of executive-level professions.

In addition to focusing on how the blockchain chain will affect real jobs, the institute aims to distinguish itself from other think tanks and internal work groups by attracting the “smartest people in the world” with cash and other possibilities.

Speaking to the press, Tapscott Group co-author Don Tapscott of “Blockchain Revolution” and CEO Tapscott outlined his vision for a protracted research effort carried out for more than a year and funded by a membership fee of 200,000 Dollars.

Tapscott said the institute, is designed to give investors immediate access to research the measure carried out by a wide range of industry leaders, will end up giving away most of what they learn, explains in this regard ”

“We want to help our members take a leap and compete, and also, after six months, much of this material will enter the public domain under the creative commons license. We want to create a rising tide that will lift all the boats.”

Founded as a non-profit organization and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, the founding member group includes Accenture, IBM, SAP, Digital Asset, NASDAQ, Pepsico, Ontario and Nuco Inc. It’s a whole group that wants to innovate With blockchain technology.

The group is expected to spend its first year studying the impact of the blockchain on eight industries, or “vertical opportunities,” including energy, media, technology, health, and government. Associate members, including Hyperledger, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Digital Chamber of Commerce, aim to help minimize the amount of redundant work. On the other hand Tapscott said “We do not want to duplicate anything that is already being done.”

To avoid redundancy in topics, include access to monthly webinars and a private website to view posted material, membership, which Tapscott expects to reach 30 by launching the program next month, will receive a personalized executive report based on The conclusions of the institute and directed specifically to the members.

For example, in addition to industry analysis, seven “horizontal opportunities” will be offered consisting of reimagined functions of several executive-level positions. These will include block-specific job descriptions for key supply chain logistics officers, CFOs and information managers. Tapscott said: “There has been virtually no work done on this”.

In another vein, as regards dedicated resources, Beyond the founding members, Tapscott points out to the people who do the research as a distinctive feature of the group. It is a prospect made available to the public, researchers are divided into three categories, focusing on finance, government and the private sector.

Following are the members of this select working group. A list of members of the “proposed partial faculty” includes: Jesse McWaters of the World Economic Forum; Philippi’s Spring from the National Center for Scientific Research, Paris; Andreas Antonopoulos, author of “Mastering Bitcoin”; Former FDIC regulator Jason Brett; Chairman of VeriFi Hong Kong, Pindar Wong; And Katie Haun, the US federal prosecutor. For digital coins.

Based in part on a research methodology developed by Tapscott’s Global Solutions Networks, the Blockchain Research Institute is designed to bring together diverse thought leaders over a long period of time to meet the specific research demands of a leading membership in the industry.

That is why, not everyone can afford the price of $ 200,000 and then have to wait six months after the research is complete to see the results, however. For governments, non-profit organizations and businesses in certain ways through case studies, lower rates are offered.

To conclude, the program is designed to begin on April 3 and be completed on December 20, with a final Program Summit to be held for members in the spring of 2018.Tapscott concluded: “Instead, in the end, they receive A private talk, are half consultants and half syndicated research. New ads are expected.


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