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Bitcoin More Innovation Is Necessity

Government agencies and law enforcement are required to undergo a lengthy process of filing a complaint and request to the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunication Company (Swift) in order to obtain the necessary financial information from certain bank accounts of companies And individuals. For some time now, organizations such as Wikileaks and Shadow Brokers have exploited

Innovation Joins Switzerland And Singapore.

Singapore and Switzerland are similar to each other in the sense that they are both small countries but important financial centers on their respective continents. Switzerland is known as one of the largest financial centers in Europe, while Singapore is the main development force of fintech and Blockchain in Asia. Both countries are leading a

Blockchain to Improve Efficiency in Travel Agencies.

There are now many inconveniences in the travel process, which affect consumers, suppliers, intermediaries and technology providers. But there is a growing consensus that the chain of blocks could be the innovation to address these day-to-day requirements. Notably, Blockchain could facilitate the ongoing process of PCI DSS compliance, at least for TMCs and other incumbents.

Russian laws on Bitcoin are unclear

Russia recently announced plans to assign Bitcoin a legal status. While the cryptocurrency community was pleased with the new developments, but it is too early to break the champagne, since Bitcoin mining can still be considered as a crime, which can receive imprisonment. Many people became aware of the scenario after the head of the

Blockchain now in Virtual Reality.

Bitcoin VR, created by the programmers of Indiesquare, company known for its participation in games that encourage users to enter the world of cryptomonedas, such as ‘Spells of Genesis’, ‘Takara’ and ‘Sarutobi’, this is a product That goes beyond the conventional standards in this type of applications, since it bets by the virtual reality to

India Could Legalize Bitcoin

Indian media have reported on the recent session of the country’s interministerial parliamentary committee on cryptocurrency. It is said that the first session of the committee concluded with a promising note, in which the majority of the members were in favor of the introduction of regulations on the use of cryptocurrency, thus offering a legal

Exchange OKCoin has problems with deposits in Dollars.

In recent times there have been a series of events with some Exchange that can not make dollar deposits to their customers, this represents some uncertainty for the finance industry in Bitcoin. This article will try to understand the problem. It is apparent that many bitcoin companies suffer from problems with bank deposits at this

Blockchain Becomes Eco In Clean Energy.

LO3 Energy has launched its point-to-point energy transaction system, which the Brooklyn Microgrid calls about a year ago. The miniature utility network connects people who have solar panels on their roofs in various parts of Brooklyn with neighbors who want to buy locally generated green energy. Like other microgrids it operates together, but independent of,