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Block Chain Technology Provides Support To All

The development is part of the Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor program, specifically its Level One Project, which gives governments and central banks a framework for creating national digital payment systems that anyone can use, Even those who live with a few dollars every day. It should be noted that an estimated three

Bitcoin Business Research Software Developed

The idea is to help banks evaluate future business customers based on bitcoin. For banks, often associated risks are considered superior to potential rewards when considering new clients operating in the bitcoin space as potential currency. It should be noted that Bitcoin’s intelligence provider, Elliptic, is developing a program with California-based Silvergate Bank to analyze

Safer Real Estate Securities with Blockchain.

The technological tool known as distributed book that boosts itself as a benefit for everything from agriculture to fair trade coffee, use case research has emerged as a full-time fascination for many initiators and experts passionate about block technology . It should be noted that the popular bloc case that has remained generally out of

Saudi Arabia and Dominican Republic embrace Bitcoin

It is always interesting to review the weekly tables of the Exchange volume of LocalBitcoins. The data indicate the following: the Dominican Republic and Saudi Arabia show a renewed interest in bitcoin. This is a rather intriguing development, considering that neither country is at the top of the pro-bitcoin regions. Other platforms are seeing good

Blockchain in the Online Commerce

E-commerce has completely transformed our way of buying. With a market value of around US $ 2 trillion (Spain’s GDP is US $ 1.4 trillion), it is an industry that continues to grow at double digit rates year by year. Blockchain is a technological tool that ensures that we can be certain of certain things,

Broad Growth in Remittances Using Bitcoin.

Remission is gradually becoming a major boost for Bitcoin’s use in Africa, as well as in parts of Asia and Latin America. The emergence of new services that use digital currency for the purpose of sending money from one point to another has begun to eat at the cost of approximately $ 4 billion per

Nchain Develops New Tools

The nChain group of companies has grown to a team of more than 60 scientific researchers, engineers and other professionals based mainly in Vancouver, Canada and London, U.K. The acquisition will support nChain’s research activities and advance global adoption of blocks. It should be noted that, NChain is a distributed, decentralized book that chronologically records