According to analyst Max Keizer: Bitcoin is close to $ 5,000.

Bitcoin recently crossed the $ 3,000 mark on Chinese Bitcoin Exchange, marking a new high-performance brand for the bitcoin price. That is not too significant, for a coin that has died 134 times, according to 99Bitcoins ‘Bitcoin obituaries tracker’.

Although opponents like Mark Cuban claim that what happens with bitcoin is due to a correction, there are good reasons to think that the bitcoin price is not in a bubble. In fact, the host of Keizer Report and long-time cryptocurrency advocate Max Keizer stated on Twitter that he believes that a $ 5,000 bitcoin price is in sight, is approaching and there is good and new evidence.

Keizer’s comment was fueled and backed by a tweet by Roy Sebag, CEO of Goldmoney, who said he attended a meeting where a portfolio manager from a well-known hedge fund stated that his hedge fund was “splashing or swimming In cryptos “and is walking away. It has helped our performance. ”

Therefore, by consulting the information on social networks you can read the following information “Hedge funds are herd animals. If one begins to pour money into Bitcoin, others will follow; $ 5,000 in sight., Max Keizer (@maxkeiser) June 12, 2017. This has a very relevant meaning, is supported by as a group of investors, are looking for a safe haven with Bitcoin through the hedge funds Or investment. This is very striking, for new users and bitcoin fans.

In this sense, Keizer believes that the manager’s comment on the portfolio is indicative of the growing wave of institutional investment in bitcoin. In his words:

“Hedge funds are herd animals. If one begins to pour money into Bitcoin, others will follow; $ 5,000 in sight “. There is no doubt about the performance of the digital currency in recent years, this is important, the important thing is to recognize when an asset is searched with insistence, not everyone can be wrong.

Of course, as bitcoin becomes mainstream, both fund managers and the general public will no longer see bitcoin as a taboo investment and instead will treat it as a viable investment vehicle, or at least A way to diversify your assets. This is very important to take into account.

This certainly seems to be the case. Global Advisors, a hedge fund based in England, has recently published a bitcoin appraisal that theorized that the price of bitcoin could double if Bitcoin successfully implemented a scalability solution. The Financial Times also reported that four large Japanese and US hedge funds have started buying Mt. The statements of the holder of the Gox account on the bet that a rise in the price of bitcoin will leave them at a huge unexpected profit.

The price of bitcoin still has a long way to go to reach $ 5,000, but if current trends continue cautious investors will soon regret not buying bitcoin when valued at $ 3,000, the trend by historical is towards the rise . For his part, Keizer, who boasts that he has been recommending bitcoin since its value was $ 3k, you can visualize in your Twitter profile that its price target is $ 100,000.

In summary, the global economy, particularly that of the developed countries, is experiencing great difficulties, statistics are available, external debt and credit commitments, which they can not pay, and which are repaid with more debt, can be The cause by which investors move towards bitcoin. New ads are expected.


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