OBITS, the decentralized cryptocurrency to decentralize Exchange platforms with Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could make major changes or dent in the global economic system because of its decentralized nature, which not only made them trustworthy among the general public, but also protects them from poor decisions by governments and institutions Financial institutions. However, when interacting with these cryptocurrencies, people are forced to use centralized trading and exchange platforms.

While these centralized exchanges (Exchange) make the whole issue of creating decentralized cryptocurrency protocols meaningless, there are few platforms like OpenLedger that maintains decentralization at Exchange levels as well. Known to be the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Exchange platforms, OpenLedger has its own tokens called OBITS that ensure community involvement as stakeholders, enabling them to trade and gain benefits while having the right to vote on critical decisions made by the platform.

In this sense, OBITS is based on the technology of BitShares, which in turn is driven by the Distributed Graphene distributed by MIT. In addition to acting as actions in the OpenLedger ecosystem, OBITS also functions as a marketing tool that encourages people to spread the word about OpenLedger and other companies owned by CCEDK. Those who do not want to win the tokens by promoting the platform can buy them from the OpenLedger exchange platform against BTC, BTS or bitUSD. Alternatively, OBITS is also available for purchase through the exchange called, Excahnge Livecoin.

Unlike conventional cryptocurrencies, OBITS is not affected by volatility. The price of cryptocurrency is continuously supported by OpenLedger, which is constantly involved in the circulation of liquidity obtained from OBITS sales to repurchase them from the community each month. The OBITS acquired will be offered, guaranteeing a constant cryptocurrency demand in the market. This mechanism ensures that the price of OBITS continues to be appreciated, allowing users to make more profits as they cling to it for longer.

In this sense, OBITS holders tend to benefit from the profits made by the company’s allied products, such as ICOO and others, that generate revenue by offering a range of services to cryptocurrency companies and members of the community alike. With the value of OBITS tokens linked to the overall performance of the OpenLedger ecosystem and not to pure speculations, which, when combined with the active efforts of the network to maintain high demand, ensures that everyone, regardless of their Education and past experiences with cryptocurrency trading. It is therefore a great benefit to keep the chips and win in the process.

By design, OBITS has been showing a positive price trend that will be set to continue over time as long as OpenLedger and other CCEDK initiatives continue to be profitable. In addition, the proactive repurchase measure implemented by the platform will also contribute to its stability. Therefore, there is a new opportunity to invest funds in this new digital estate that plays a very specific role in decentralization. New ads are expected.


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