Giga Watt launches ICO backed by hardware, makes cryptocurrency mining profitable, such as Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, can not exist without mining. Miners are the backbone of the networks, providing the necessary processing power. Without them, none of the cryptocurrency transactions would be possible. But with the steady increase in mining difficulties, it has become virtually impossible for individual miners to reap economic benefits from mining. As cryptocurrency mining becomes more and more expensive, the Giga Watt project has devised an innovative solution, the WTT tokens, which democratize the mining process making it more affordable.

That is why Giga Watt has announced the crowdsale of its WTT cryptographic tokens, which went live on June 2, 2017, allowing the cryptocurrency community and even the blockchain newcomers to become part of its initiative. The crowdsale, which will continue until July 31, 2017, is open to the public around the world. The cap is set at 30 million WTT, offered in a range of prices are in the range of $ 1 to $ 1.2 during the ICO.

The WTT Token launch is conducted by the Cryptonomos platform, and the sample holders offer an opportunity to take advantage of the Giga Watt full-service mining solution at attractive prices. Each WTT token gives the owner access to 1 watt of the mining facility’s capacity for 50 years. The number of WTT tokens that a miner would need to buy is determined by the power of his particular mining equipment. Token holders can choose to use the energy assigned to themselves to run their own equipment or rent it to other miners and earn from it. In other words, the WTT chips represent space on the shelves for assigning mining equipment to the company’s facilities. In addition, WTT owners charge a hosting fee at less than half the standard rates, making the operation of their own mining equipment more attractive.

Giga Watt founder and CEO Dave Carlson explained the advantage of the chip sales initiative on other cloud mining services saying: “Through our mining infrastructure, Giga Watt can finally extend our enormous economic advantage to anyone in the world. World, large or small, to run its own mining business and succeed in having our team of experts to build and manage it. “To decentralize the global balance of mining power and put it back into the hands of the little miner. Of the house built bitcoin, and I want anyone to succeed as a true participant in the explosive growth of cryptocurrency mining. ”

Giga Watt has announced that for every 100 WTT chips sold at ICO, the company will expand the facility’s capacity by 115 watts (15% extra). By taking into account the benefits, WTT holders can exploit cryptocurrency of money at less than half the price it would otherwise cost or way, which, combined with the appreciation of potential value, can bring enormous long-term financial benefits .

The platform has already sold more than 9 million chips in 15 days of the ICO, putting the capacity of the installation around 10 MW. With this Token Launch, Giga Watt has gained the distinction of organizing the first hardware-backed ICO. And, given the growing interest in cryptocurrency mining between the community and the people behind this project, the sale of Giga Watt chips is an attractive opportunity for those who want to be part of this revolutionary concept.

In short, there is already an opportunity to invest in this new project, bitcoin mining can be democratized and in the long term, the investor should not worry about buying equipment that are more expensive and difficult to acquire. New ads are expected.


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