urges Amazon to accept Bitcoin.

For bitcoin to gain dominant acceptance as currency, it is vital that cryptocurrency advocates convince retailers to begin accepting payments with bitcoin. It is also necessary for people to start making payments with bitcoin in those businesses, that is to let bitcoin know in practice as a payment option.

Fortunately, many retailers have proven to be open to acceptance of cryptocurrency payments. TigerDirect, Newegg, Overstock, and Dish Network are just a few of the names of household items that accept bitcoin.

The acceptance of Bitcoin has also progressed rapidly outside the United States. BitFlyer estimates that up to 300,000 Japanese companies could adopt bitcoin payments by the end of 2017. This summer, Russian e-commerce giant Ulmart plans to accept bitcoin as well.

Now, a new request from seeks to land the “white whale” of criptocurrency payments, Amazon. The petition, addressed to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, urges the digital conglomerate to accept bitcoin and litecoin payments.

The petition says that by accepting cryptocurrency, Amazon would increase the quality of life of its customers: The acceptance and intelligent integration of these efficient and innovative payment methods will lead to a more agile commerce and an improvement in the shopping experience for the many Millions who buy Amazon. This logical expansion in payment options for Amazon customers would help to proactively modernize the purchasing process and ultimately improve the quality of life by bringing together the most efficient distribution systems with the most efficient and convenient payment systems Available.

Although customers can use third-party services like to use bitcoin when purchasing products on Amazon, the company does not accept bitcoin payments directly; So consumers should do extra work in order to pay for their Amazon orders with bitcoin. This is because you have to use a third party interposed, ideally you can make the direct payment from the consumer.

This is not the first time the cryptocurrency community has tried to use a petition to persuade a retailer to accept bitcoin payments. Last year, a petition from asking Walmart to accept bitcoin only got 280 signatures. Walmart has begun experimenting with blockchain technology to track shipments of delivery drones, but the mega-retailer has yet to adopt the bitcoin payment integration.

If Amazon decided to accept bitcoin, it would be a great way to make bitcoin a conventional payment option. It would surely be coverage of the international press, and Amazon’s purchases are ubiquitous enough and it is very likely that people in the cryptocurrency community would start shopping with bitcoin. Finally, evangelists or convinced bitcoin could have an easier time to convince skeptical friends to try bitcoin, they could tell them that Amazon accepts payments with bitcoin.

That said, the quest to convince Amazon to accept bitcoin is an opportunity and can be long, at least right now. The petition had 1400 signatures at the time of this article. With online petitions regularly accumulating hundreds of thousands of signatures, supporters have a lot of work to do if they hope to capture the attention of Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

In short is an opportunity for bitcoin to conquer new spaces and users can use this means of payment. New ads are expected.


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