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“Big Four” EY starts Blockchain ID Platform Rollout

The technology of Blockchain has many applications and these depend on the developers who always seek to innovate with their projects linked to companies that provide the necessary financial resources for its construction. In this vein, accounting firm “Big Four” EY has revealed that it is developing a new identity management platform based on blockchain

Iran to replace dollar to join Bitcoin emporium

The Iranian Bitcoin industry has a relatively shallow Bitcoin exchange market and infrastructure. BTXCapital, the country’s first Bitcoin exchange launched in August 2015, entered the Iranian market in the hope of providing a more reliable and secure alternative to peer-to-peer trading platforms such as CoinAva and LocalBitcoins. With a market of more than 50 million

Mexico so limited and so free

Mexico’s northern border with the United States has given much talk in recent days after Barack Obama ceded the presidency to Donald Trump. According to Trump’s campaign plan, the construction of a wall across the border that borders Mexico, one of the strategies it would use to force Mexico to finance this wall, is the

Bitcoin, amazing black swan

The quotation of Bitcoins is something that never stops, shows that its market is traded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Having this characteristic, there is a lot of communitybehind, both Bitcoin and other criptomonedas. The bitcoin rally found continuity at the start of 2017 after a2016 in which it far exceeded the

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