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Launched in September 2016, the Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute (JBI), is being made public as the first state-owned enterprise to focus exclusively on blockchain technology. Already, the group, backed by the parent company Beijing Huaxin Electronics Enterprise Group, claims to have approximately 100 employees in its Nanjing office working to develop its product. It

To Implement Blockchain To Generate Automation Within Businesses And Corporations

Currently it is difficult to imagine companies without bosses, employees, shareholders or any structure, but they are present, it is known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO, and are based precisely on the decentralization of block chains, innovative technology. However, for certain groups of people blockchain technology is still puzzling and yet it does not stop

Blockchain to Improve Efficiency in Travel Agencies.

There are now many inconveniences in the travel process, which affect consumers, suppliers, intermediaries and technology providers. But there is a growing consensus that the chain of blocks could be the innovation to address these day-to-day requirements. Notably, Blockchain could facilitate the ongoing process of PCI DSS compliance, at least for TMCs and other incumbents.

Blockchain now in Virtual Reality.

Bitcoin VR, created by the programmers of Indiesquare, company known for its participation in games that encourage users to enter the world of cryptomonedas, such as ‘Spells of Genesis’, ‘Takara’ and ‘Sarutobi’, this is a product That goes beyond the conventional standards in this type of applications, since it bets by the virtual reality to

Blockchain Becomes Eco In Clean Energy.

LO3 Energy has launched its point-to-point energy transaction system, which the Brooklyn Microgrid calls about a year ago. The miniature utility network connects people who have solar panels on their roofs in various parts of Brooklyn with neighbors who want to buy locally generated green energy. Like other microgrids it operates together, but independent of,

Block Chain Technology Provides Support To All

The development is part of the Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor program, specifically its Level One Project, which gives governments and central banks a framework for creating national digital payment systems that anyone can use, Even those who live with a few dollars every day. It should be noted that an estimated three