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Argentines look favorably on Bitcoin

The challenge of using computer bits to represent exchangeable value for goods and services – “programmable money” – finds its support in the true context of the cryptomoneda: the blockchain or “block chain” Undoubtedly, it is a kind of accounting book, online and global, containing the history of all transactions ever made and adding new

Media at the Vanguard with Blockchain

At present, any institution, institution or private company has websites full of interesting content on specific topics, prepared by specialists in the field, who are almost never journalists. These contents are turned into social networks, reaching a dynamic transmedia. It is of great advantage that the  follows the trail of what other industries do. They

IBM Becomes Pioneer In Blockchain Creation For Commercial Use

  This announcement comes shortly after Fabric became the host of several open source projects that have been developed from the state of “incubation” to “active” within the Linux Foundation funded project Hyperledger. According to CoinDesk, Jerry Cuomo, IBM’s Vice President for Blockchain Technologies, described how the company used Hyperledger open source to create a

Credit Bit Starts Migration to Tokens Ether

Creditbit launched the first round of migration of creditbit coins to ethereum tokens on March 8, 2017. The first round of Migration also gives tokens holders an opportunity to vote in the first voting process, which Will not be available in subsequent rounds As you will recall, Creditbit, the open source software project released under

Most Innovative and Reliable Breeze Wallet in Bitcoin Solutions

Chris Trew, founder and CEO of Stratis, spoke with Cointelegraph about the Breeze wallet project, a powerful and flexible Blockchain development platform, they claim, will redefine the privacy of transactions within the Bitcoin space and bring new privacy options . Explaining what makes it so innovative. The security and integrity of the system are supported

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