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Launched in September 2016, the Jiangsu Huaxin Blockchain Research Institute (JBI), is being made public as the first state-owned enterprise to focus exclusively on blockchain technology. Already, the group, backed by the parent company Beijing Huaxin Electronics Enterprise Group, claims to have approximately 100 employees in its Nanjing office working to develop its product. It

To Implement Blockchain To Generate Automation Within Businesses And Corporations

Currently it is difficult to imagine companies without bosses, employees, shareholders or any structure, but they are present, it is known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO, and are based precisely on the decentralization of block chains, innovative technology. However, for certain groups of people blockchain technology is still puzzling and yet it does not stop

With Steady Steps Fintech Revolutionizes the World

Most large financial groups remain convinced of the possibility of the block chain, to revolutionize parts of their industry and several central banks are examining the potential to use technology to create digital currency. Venture capital investment in the block chain companies rose one-fifth to $ 544 million last year, according to KPMG. Major banks

Bitcoin More Innovation Is Necessity

Government agencies and law enforcement are required to undergo a lengthy process of filing a complaint and request to the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunication Company (Swift) in order to obtain the necessary financial information from certain bank accounts of companies And individuals. For some time now, organizations such as Wikileaks and Shadow Brokers have exploited

Innovation Joins Switzerland And Singapore.

Singapore and Switzerland are similar to each other in the sense that they are both small countries but important financial centers on their respective continents. Switzerland is known as one of the largest financial centers in Europe, while Singapore is the main development force of fintech and Blockchain in Asia. Both countries are leading a

Blockchain to Improve Efficiency in Travel Agencies.

There are now many inconveniences in the travel process, which affect consumers, suppliers, intermediaries and technology providers. But there is a growing consensus that the chain of blocks could be the innovation to address these day-to-day requirements. Notably, Blockchain could facilitate the ongoing process of PCI DSS compliance, at least for TMCs and other incumbents.

The latest changes in the Regulation give bitcoin Startups in the Philippines: an opportunity to grow

Bitcoin startups are often hampered in their efforts due to fairly strict regulation. Although cryptocurrencies  have had an impact in the Philippines, regulatory guidelines remain an obstacle. In view of this, this has improved as recent changes seem to favor bitcoin companies. In the end it is predicted that it is a new favorable strategy,