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With Steady Steps Fintech Revolutionizes the World

Most large financial groups remain convinced of the possibility of the block chain, to revolutionize parts of their industry and several central banks are examining the potential to use technology to create digital currency. Venture capital investment in the block chain companies rose one-fifth to $ 544 million last year, according to KPMG. Major banks

Innovation Joins Switzerland And Singapore.

Singapore and Switzerland are similar to each other in the sense that they are both small countries but important financial centers on their respective continents. Switzerland is known as one of the largest financial centers in Europe, while Singapore is the main development force of fintech and Blockchain in Asia. Both countries are leading a

Digital Coins to the Scope of Everyone

Money moves human energy, skills and time between us, in different “containers”, or stores of value. National value stores, such as the US dollar, have historically been controlled by governments and distributed by banks. Notably, this model is much more inflexible and inaccessible than new cryptographic solutions, made possible by blockchain database technology that theoretically

Fintech, Smarter Businesses in Broad Growth.

Financial services had largely defended the Silicon Valley until 2008, when the global financial crisis caused big banks and money managers to lose consumer confidence. At the same time, free software and cloud computing made it easier than ever to launch a technology company. Soon, Fintech companies appeared everywhere, but especially in California, New York,

Attracting Fintech to the European Union is a benefit for this conglomerate

The year 2017 can also be called the “Year of Fintech”, thanks to the development in fintech sector driven by blockchain infrastructure and smart contract applications. With traditional banking and financial institutions around the world increasingly expressing interest in adopting these solutions, it is a lucrative business opportunity for many companies in the industry. Governments

Blockchain Revolution launches business research effort

A group of global governments, blockchain technology firms and Blockchain Startups have announced the launch of a new initiative called Blockchain Research Institute. The syndicated research group is committed to academic analysis of the blockchain impacts on a wide range of industries, including financial, retail, and manufacturing services, along with the impact of technology on