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Bitcoin on the doorstep of the UK stock exchange.

Britain’s largest online trading platform, Hargreaves Lansdown, wants to offer customers the option of investing with Bitcoin by granting access through the form of a traded note (ETN). The fund, which is provided by the Swedish company, Provider XBT, trades on the NASDAQ OMX. Retail investors will be able to access the digital currency through

Japanese banks test blockchain technology using virtual currency.

Several Japanese banks are reportedly willing to test national money transfers using digital coins on a blockchain as a low-cost alternative to traditional money transfers. According to a report released on Thursday by Nikkei, Japan’s most prominent financial publication, a group of major Japanese banks will test to determine whether a blockchain platform with digital

Bank of Korea: Costs Could Limit Cryptocurrencies Use

Written by researchers at the Bank of Korea and Hongik University in Seoul, the paper seeks to identify the factors that could drive the use of a blockchain-based currency, as opposed to government-issued currencies. According to the authors, there is likely to be a symbiotic relationship between both economies if digital currencies are used more

Russian laws on Bitcoin are unclear

Russia recently announced plans to assign Bitcoin a legal status. While the cryptocurrency community was pleased with the new developments, but it is too early to break the champagne, since Bitcoin mining can still be considered as a crime, which can receive imprisonment. Many people became aware of the scenario after the head of the