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OBITS, the decentralized cryptocurrency to decentralize Exchange platforms with Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin could make major changes or dent in the global economic system because of its decentralized nature, which not only made them trustworthy among the general public, but also protects them from poor decisions by governments and institutions Financial institutions. However, when interacting with these cryptocurrencies, people are forced to use centralized

To Implement Blockchain To Generate Automation Within Businesses And Corporations

Currently it is difficult to imagine companies without bosses, employees, shareholders or any structure, but they are present, it is known as Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO, and are based precisely on the decentralization of block chains, innovative technology. However, for certain groups of people blockchain technology is still puzzling and yet it does not stop

Digital Coins under the same Platform

DASH announced its partnership with MaRSe and another European exchange BitPanda in its recent press release. Following recent technological advances and expansion initiatives, cryptography has gained strength throughout the community. It has resulted in an eight-fold increase in price since the beginning of 2017, increasing from $ 11.00 to $ 90.00, a growth of more

Are there any Bitcoin scalability issues?

Although many Bitcoiners adhere to the laissez-faire political and economic beliefs of the libertarian variety, some “invisible politics” have created ugly things at the head of the “Bitcoin Community” thanks to the scale problems of digital currency. Bitcoin’s growth has fueled a variety of social governance problems that have left many in the “Community” confused.

Credit Bit Starts Migration to Tokens Ether

Creditbit launched the first round of migration of creditbit coins to ethereum tokens on March 8, 2017. The first round of Migration also gives tokens holders an opportunity to vote in the first voting process, which Will not be available in subsequent rounds As you will recall, Creditbit, the open source software project released under

Barry Silbert creates an Ethereum Classic Trust

As is known, Ethereum Classic, is a branch of the Ethereum platform, which came into existence after the Hard Fork now goes towards the bitcoin road. Barry Silbert, a leading and renowned bitcoin and blockchain investor, is expected to launch an Ethereum classic fund later this month. The new fund will have similarities to the

“Big Four” EY starts Blockchain ID Platform Rollout

The technology of Blockchain has many applications and these depend on the developers who always seek to innovate with their projects linked to companies that provide the necessary financial resources for its construction. In this vein, accounting firm “Big Four” EY has revealed that it is developing a new identity management platform based on blockchain